Transatlantic Cruises

Transatlantic cruises are an enjoyable way of travelling to Europe from America. They are mainly taken in autumn and spring since the climate is favorable at these two seasons. Most of the cruises are boarded in either Fort Lauderdale or New York and they are destined for Venice, Rome, and Lisbon. You can also get cruises from places such as the UK, Venice, Lisbon to many areas of america.

The cruises take an average of 10 days, which are full of fun and entertainment in the ocean. There are nice cuisines that are served on board as well as other forms of entertainment like casinos for the game lovers and Spa and pampering for the lovers of beauty and relaxation. There are bars with a wide variety of wines, cigars and beers as well as fine tuned music and you can enjoy piped music from your cabin. There are 13 ports in the cruise and cruise members are allowed to visit the ports and enjoy shopping for a few hours or a day. The ports are found in Georgia, Italy, Malta, Edinburgh, Reykjavik, Iceland, Lisbon, and Istanbul. Some cruises stop at different ports but these are the most common for transatlantic cruises.

There are a lot of activities for you when you are on a transatlantic cruise. This includes visiting the various famous towns that are ports en route to America and back. Miami is one of these destinations where you enjoy sunbathing at the beach, which has a private and public section and a luxurious lifestyle dining at the exclusive hotels. Shopping in Miami is ideal for the ladies who love style and authentic fashion. In places like Venice and Rome you can explore the fantastic culture that is there.

Italy is the destination for lovers of clothing and fashion. This is because it is the home of many clothes line designers like Gucci. You get to shop for the authentic designs at fair prices since the clothes in Italy are locally made and therefore their prices do not include import duty. You also enjoy shopping for jewelry that complements the clothes you buy. Jewelry designers are common in Italy and this gives you a wide choice. For men, suits and shoes have never been cheaper for the world’s renowned designer labels. You enjoy buying these designs at affordable prices while on the transatlantic cruise. Italian movies have also hit the top lists of blockbusters and you enjoy watching a variety of these in the Italian theatres.

Rio de Janeiro is also a famous destination while on the cruise. This is mainly because of its colorful nightlife that makes it a favorite. You might get a chance of bumping into some of the famous Brazilian players having a good time in the city. You can also take a helicopter expedition of the Amazon and watch the enormous canopy of one of the most dense and fierce forests in the world. In Rio, you get to enjoy the meaty cuisines and the exotic lifestyle that is accompanied by starred accommodation in some of the best hotels. In Rio, you can go to the pool parties that are organized in some of the exclusive clubs. The parties involve lots of wine, music and dancing and swimming in the heated pools at midnight while the listen to the latest music hits.

In Rome, you get to enjoy some of the best dishes in the world. This region has many experienced gourmet chefs who are good in stews and pastries. The wine and food combinations are also memorable. Most of the dishes are mainly spaghetti accompanied by different stews like soft meats. You also get to visit the Vatican museum while you enjoy the fancy architectural designs that characterize the Ancient city.

Life in the transatlantic cruises is usually enjoyable. You get to meet people from different parts of the world and explore some of the most amazing cities The cruises all offer fun activities for while on the ship, these often include gyms, pools, golf and a whole range of other activities. The cruises also have basketball and tennis courts for the sport lovers. The cruises are an ideal way to spend a holiday. It is a once in a lifetime trip to some of the most famous tourist destinations in the world while you get to travel in comfort and style.