South America Cruises

When you are planning to have a holiday that will be filled with pleasure and relaxation, one place that you need to consider as a suitable destination is South America. South America has some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world and this places the region top in the list of attractive destinations that tourists can visit in the region of the world located in the western hemisphere. Attraction sites in South America are scattered in several countries that include Brazil, Chile, Cuba, and Argentina among other countries. In these countries, there are monuments, National parks, landmarks, religious buildings and other special places that act as major tourist attraction sites in the region.

One of the most unique sites and the most visited is the Machupicchu city. This city is unique in its own kind and this uniqueness makes it attract tourists from across the world to see its beautiful and creative features. The city has an extraordinary engineering style that was used to build the town. The city is an exotic gorgeous town that is constructed at a height of 2,430m above the level of the sea. This makes the city very unique and tourists travel from all corners of the world to see this innovative city. Another place that tourists cannot miss to visit when they travel to South America is the Amazon. The Amazon is the largest rain forest on the face of the earth. It has a dense forest of trees that make the forest very attractive and many filmmakers to shoot their movies like the Anacondas have used it. The forest is home to a number of animal species. These animals include Tapirs, Capybaras, Alligators, Amazon boa, and anacondas that are found in the big rivers in Amazon forest.

The animals and a variety of bird species form the diversity of the Amazon forest. Tourists can visit the forest to experience the beauty in it as well as relax during their holidays. Travel companies in this region will ensure that tourists visit the Amazon with comfort. Accommodation is also well taken care of and tourists visiting the Amazon can relax in the prestigious high-class restaurants found around the Amazon forest. However, the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, is a must stop site when a tourist is visiting South America. The city is well known world over for its rich culture and comfortable facilities that ensure that tourists enjoy every minute when they come visiting the city. The name of the city means “the river of January” in English.

Among the most popular attractions in this city are the sharp edged cliffs that rise from the turquoise. This is a very popular site and many tourists enjoy the awe striking scenery of the cliffs. They form very nice places where people can take photographs as they have fun. The city of Rio de Janeiro is also very popular in football. Football is the order of the day in this city, almost everyone plays it from the young to the middle aged, and some old people play the game. When you mention the name, what clicks in the minds of many people is football. No wonder Brazil has been known to win the prestigious soccer trophy the world cup for very many times. The people of the city are football lovers and their lives revolve around football. Football also forms a very important part of the culture of the people of Rio de Janeiro.

However, you will also enjoy playing beach sports in the beaches of South America. People play various beach sports and top among them is beach football. These sports make as visit in the beaches very enjoyable and exiting. Tourists are thrilled to play the various beach sports in South America. Travel tour companies operate efficiently to make sure that tourists have a nice time when they visit the beaches. The Sugar Loaf Mountains also form a very attractive site for tourists who visit South America. Mountain climbers can have a good time as they climb the mountains. The mountain peak, which is popularly referred to as Corcovado have a statue of Jesus on top of it. Mountain climbers strive to reach to the mountain peak to have a look at the statue. The mountain is also rich in various species of trees and wild animals. These serves to add to the diversity of the mountain coupled with a wide variety of bird species that are found in the trees.