North America Cruises

North America cruises involve sailing on the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean shores. There are a number of ports that are ideal tourist destinations while on the cruise. This really makes North America cruises a definite choice for those who really want to experience a cruise in this part of the world.

Alaska is one of the famous cruise destinations in North America. The 34000 miles coastline has lots of wildlife that is seen on the water surface. People go to watch the whales that swim with their tail fins and half of their bodies raised out of the water. Sea lions are also a common feature in Alaska. It is characterized by snowy rainforests and glacial shores that are ideal for ice skating. Alaska is also an ideal place for ice sledging. The sledges that are pulled by dogs enable you to explore the shoreline faster as you watch the glaciers that look like frozen waves. A train tour in Alaska gives you a better view of the snowy land. It is in Alaska that you enjoy 24hours of daylight and you have to close the curtains for you to sleep. The sun never sets and you might lose track of time easily while expecting sunset. In Alaska you enjoy visiting the national parks and watching animals like the polar tiger that is easily tamed.

North America cruises at times go as far as the North Pole. The North Pole is famous for the vast ice lands. The ice deserts are ideal for ice skating and in the evenings, people enjoy watching the Aurora Borealis that is a famous northern polar light. This light is formed by gas emissions. The aurora is visible from as far as Fairbanks in Alaska. At the North Pole, people enjoy watching the glaciers that have nice shapes that look like glass forms. North America cruises also expose the tourists to a world of bears, penguins and seals. People who take longer on the cruise learn seal hunting tricks. The seals are the main sources of food for the sledge pulling dogs. It is because of this reason that the natives have perfected their skills in hunting seals. A site of penguins in a group of about 1500 birds is amazing to see. These are the sights that welcome you to North America. At the northern pole, you visit the bear lake that derives its name from the great numbers of bears that live in the woods next to the lake.

Further up, North America the cruise leads to Iceland that has a blue lake. This land is famous for its nice designs of glaciers some of which hang from rocky cliffs forming an amazing site. You also get to visit Norway where you see the nice ancient architectural designs that characterize Trondheim.

While on the cruise, you enjoy playing games like tennis, basketball and golf. The cruise ships offer a home away from home where you can do anything that you do at home. For the lovers of fitness, there is a health and fitness center while the lovers of wine, a fully equipped bar stocks a wide variety of wines and cigars as well as beers. The cruise ships have music dj’s and mini clubs that entertain the youth as they cruise to North America.

In the luxury cruise ships, many people enjoy networking while playing golf or over a cup of tea in the exclusive restaurants that are designed on the ship. The cuisines that are served on the ship are exotic and most of the times, fresh marine foods are served. These include various dishes of prawns and lobsters. People pass time in the cruise ship enjoying wellness treats like massages and nail polishing for the ladies. The cruises carry biologists who conduct discussions about sea creatures and at the same time teach the members in the cruise about the aquatic life and adaptations to survival.

While on a North America cruise, you can easily access the Panama that is ideal for an exotic tour. At the panama, you enjoy sunbathing on the white sand beaches or surfing in the ocean. The cool climate on the island is ideal for a holiday. The cool breeze that blows on the shores of panama leaves behind an effect of tranquility and relaxation. You could also decide to visit the other areas of panama and spend time trekking into the monsoon forest as you enjoy watching different species of birds. Climbing the rock formations in panama is also an enjoyable activity. The steep rocks require utmost concentration since the paths are wound round the rock and they lead to high heights that are hazardous but at the same time they give an excruciating feeling.