Mediterranean Cruises

A Mediterranean cruise offers an incredible opportunity to explore the history, cultures, and delicious cuisine that this exotic region has to offer. This is largely considered the birthplace of civilization and the culture of sophistication and fun is still prevalent and inspiring. The ancient empires and treasures are just a taste of the wonders that can be discovered here. Centuries of culture and history can be enjoyed from the comfort of a cruise ship.

From Italy to Greece, the scenic beauty is outstanding and this is coupled with the cultural heritage of this diverse area. Cruising on the Mediterranean involves a brand new experience with each passing day. Each day has its own charm owing to the different experiences that each destination provides. The cruise ship is a mobile resort that caters for accommodation, hospitality, fine food, and enjoyable entertainment. All this can be enjoyed while floating along the deep blue waters of the sea. From April to October, the cruise season is at its peak and explorers are able to soak in the ultimate cruising experience that is unlike any other. This peak season does not serve as a limitation because it is possible to gain access to cruise ships every single month of the year.

It does not come as a surprise to discover that these cruises are highly popular. Fortunately, there is an adequate supply of ships to meet the high demand. A typical Mediterranean cruise takes seven days but on special request, the cruise can be enjoyed for a longer period. Popular European destinations such as Rome, Maples, Monte Carlo, Genoa, and Venice are found in the western region of the Mediterranean. Barcelona has everything to offer from classic ceramics to the fabulous art works done by Picasso. Destinations such as North Africa, Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal are remarkable fusions of modern life and ancient wonders. In Italy, the city of Naples is home to remarkable museums and historic churches. It also features an ancient city that was revealed by an extensive excavation. Nice is a delightful French city that offers a fun-filled shopping experience along with excellent French cuisine and a beautiful coastline.

History enthusiasts will definitely be pleased to witness the historic sites that are on offer everywhere. For people who like to shop, relax, and generally have a good time, the cruise is a chance to visit trendy shopping malls and bazaars as well as luxurious beaches. The nightlife is buzzing and the atmosphere is enough to make anyone want to put on their dancing shoes and sample the nightlife. For guaranteed fun and style, a cruise through the west of the Mediterranean is unmatched. These types of cruises begin at either the port of Barcelona or Rome. The cruise can be enjoyed alone or in the company of friends and family. For maximum enjoyment, it is essential to carry along comfortable footwear and maintain a relaxed attitude throughout the cruise.

The eastern region of the Mediterranean is also a great option for a classic cruise experience. This is a chance to sail through some of the most exotic locations in the world. The ideal time to take a cruise is during the warm months of summer. The cruise takes travelers through interesting ports such as Croatia, Turkey, Greece, and Egypt. In this case, the Greek Isles are typically the highlight of the cruise but other amazing destinations should not be overlooked. Croatia continues to gain popularity and Egypt always has something magical to offer. The Egyptian city of Alexandria provides access to the legendary mummies and pyramids of Egypt. Some of the main attractions include the exotic beaches, tasty meals, ancient architecture, and interesting cultural heritage. Eastern cruises take off from Athens or Venice and these two cities are worth a visit. Sailing through Venice is a cruising treat. Departing from the historic city of Athens is also a memorable experience.

A key factor of the Mediterranean is that it has an impressive diversity of languages, people, culture, and history. There are numerous ports of departure and arrival and each port is located in a fascinating destination. The area is relatively small but it caters to a rich array of culture and historic sites. The Mediterranean cruise is gradually becoming an expedition that can take place during all times of the year because of the favorable weather that is experienced in the region even during winter. Off peak period cruises have the advantage of less people and a better chance to visit the main attractions effortlessly.