Far East Cruises

Exotic, is the best way to describe cruises in the Far East. Warm tropical climate, lush vegetation, fascinating wildlife, inviting beaches, and friendly people are obviously, what makes cruises in the Far East simply irresistible. As the cruise liner edges closer to the gulf of Thailand, the first thing anyone on board notices is the warm weather, especially if coming from the colder north seas. When the cruise ship finally docks at the port of Bangkok, the full splendor of Bangkok city becomes visible. If lucky enough to arrive at night, you will be dazzled by the bright neon lights that make nightlife in Bangkok a wild affair. Whereas in the full glare of the day, the imposing skyscrapers will probably be your welcoming party. However, amidst all the modernity is a thriving green paradise of exotic plants.

There is so much to do in Bangkok, so make the best of it before your cruise liner sets sail. Upon setting foot on Thailand’s bustling metropolitan, most people cannot wait to try out Thai food. Forget the ones sold in foreign countries, the Thai food in mainland Bangkok is original, made to the perfect standards. If eating in a restaurant will take most of your time, just grab a quick bite from the numerous vendors that litter the streets. Munch your way as you explore Bangkok’s unique architecture. For further insight into the Thai culture, visit the thriving market places where you will find some of the rare spices and ingredients that make Thai food what it is.

Understandably, the hustle and bustle of the city can be quite overwhelming. That is why the beaches exist. Flanked by lush, tropical vegetation, Bangkok beaches are perfect for sun bathing. The marine tour guides are ready to take you on a tour to view the rich delicate marine life. For a closer look at these amazing fish species, go on a scuba-diving mission. The water is clear and warm. Do not forget to visit the animal parks and zoos in Bangkok to meet tigers, numerous tropical birds, elephants and other species. To explore Thailand to the fullest, dock at the port of Phuket. Phuket is Thailand’s largest island containing limestone cliffs, rocky peninsular, white spotless beaches, peaceful bays, tropical inland forests, Sino-Portuguese architecture, world-class resorts and of course the friendly hospitality of the Thai people. These and more make Phuket the pearl of the south.

After sightseeing in Thailand, now you are ready to cruise to China. China is a huge country and on arrival, one would not know where to start. Although Beijing is not on the sea, it is accessible from any of the major ports such as Tianjin. While in Beijing, make a point of visiting Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and temple of heaven, Ming tombs, and the great wall. A cruise off mainland China into Hong Kong will provide a view into a major global business hub. Cruising further up to Japan takes you to Osaka. Described as the gateway to most historic cities, Osaka port lets you into Kyoto and Nara cities. While in Osaka, enjoy the temple and shrines that have been labeled world heritage sites. Amidst Osaka’s beautiful landscape, attend the traditional festivals to get a feel of the Japanese culture.

Manila, in the Philippines is our next stop. Manila international port welcomes you into the second biggest city in south East Asia. Walking in the streets, you will constantly find yourself looking up at the towering skyscrapers. Historic sites include cathedrals, Spanish forts, museums, and Manila’s walled city. A must-see is the Malacanang palace, where the famous Ferdinand and Imelda lived ages ago. Their intriguing history is well preserved in this palace. Singapore’s vibrant nightlife awaits any cruise enthusiast. The port at Singapore city lets you into the major tourist attractions including: world-class shopping protected parks, exciting water sports and of course the historic district. Bombay city is the main port in India.

It is also, where the upper class of India lives. A major metropolitan, Bombay lets you enjoy world-class dining, bazaars, exquisite shopping, museums and art galleries. You cannot have been on a far east cruise without visiting Malaysia. The main port of Klang is the coastal doorway into Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital. The PETRONAS twin towers are the landmark of Kuala Lumpur and a major tourist magnet. Other port cities in Malaysia include Langkawi, Penang, and Malacca. All are packed with loads of tourist attractions that will make your cruise experience out of this world.