Egypt Cruises

A visit to Egypt is the perfect excuse to take a Nile cruise. The Nile cruise has historic value dating back to the time when it was the only means by which people could gain access to the tombs and temples that are situated alongside the river. This cruise remains as the favored way of reaching the upper region of Egypt. A Nile cruise gives people a chance to see the rural life of Egyptians that has gone on for over a span of 5,000 years. These cruises cover different spans of time that range from three to fourteen days. Short tours are undertaken between the regions of Luxor and Aswan. A longer cruise goes beyond to Dendera where the ship docks for people to enjoy tours of the land.

A two-week Egyptian tour takes time to visit Cairo where the Pyramids of Giza are situated. A typical cruise is facilitated by the use of a modern cruise ship, which offers comfortable accommodation, meals and suitable entertainment that is normally provided by local Egyptian entertainers. An alternative cruise option is the use of a traditional Nile boat known as a felucca. This is ideal for individuals who want an adventure cruise aboard a simple and traditional boat. Some of the features include sleeping facilities being placed out on the open deck. The arrangement is basic but people get to see the sites at a more affordable rate. Cruise ships are generally available throughout the year but it is advisable to take a Nile cruise during the cool weather months that run from October to April.

Several Mediterranean cruises pass through Egypt but the trip may be very short depending on the nature of the cruise. This may not give eager travelers enough time to view the wonders of this North African country. It is therefore advisable to take an exclusive Nile cruise for people who want to see what Egypt has to offer. An extensive cruise to Egypt is fun and memorable.

A Nile cruise offers scenery and ancient sites that are virtually unmatched by other rivers. This cruise is also longer and more in-depth than others are. The Nile is an important travel route for the North African region. This river flows into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. It is different from most rivers because the land around it is increasingly gaining focus as a settlement area. The Nile River is a dominant force in Egypt and it is used to define the upper and lower regions of the ancient regions of the country. It is a fascinating phenomenon and the overwhelming interest in this river is experienced all over the world. The cruise has many advantages, including the fact that it allows people to see unfamiliar territories and sites. An intimate experience has an alluring and intriguing charm associated with it. It is a relaxing and stylish way to go around Egypt.

Many travelers cannot help but return for more after taking their first cruise. The experience makes people feel like they have taken several steps back into time. Travelers can bear witness to historic architecture during the popular and short cruises that go through Luxor and Aswan. The ships typically sail both upstream and downstream. The Nile River is deep at Aswan and this is considered one of the most scenic moments of the cruise. It is definitely the best point at which the cruise can begin. This Upper Egypt region that is situated upstream. Aswan is Egypt’s pathway to the rest of Africa and it has historic importance as an essential trade and communication frontier. The Philae Temple is a must-see sight in Aswan because it dates back to the period when Greeks ruled the region.

Wild rapids are experienced are experienced after Aswan owing to the hard rocks that are encountered along the way. Kom Ombo is the next stop and the main attraction here is the mystifying Roman temple. After Kom Ombo, cruisers get to reach the magnificent region of Luxor. Monuments in this area are magnificent and diverse. Plenty of walking can be expected in Luxor and comfortable shoes are highly recommended. It is also important to have an adequate supply of water to remain hydrated because the area can get quite hot. The weather is warm during the day and significantly cooler at night. Fewer people and more freedom to move around with ease mark the peak months of November to March making these times the best to go on a cruise and visit these veritable world heritage sites.