Around the World Cruises

The world is 75% water, so cruising around it can be the most magical experience. It will give you lifetime memories. Although Africa is not considered among the best cruise destinations, there are some wonderful places and ports not to be missed. South Africa’s Cape Town is safely tucked below Africa with loads of tourist attractions. Take time off your cruise liner to walk around Capetown’s clean, cosmopolitan streets. Located on the shores of the blue Atlantic Ocean, Cape Town is lined with delightful restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, museums, gift shops among other recreational facilities. A must-see is the table mountain that stands tall and domineering above Cape Town. Other tourist magnets in South Africa include Cape of Good Hope, serene beaches, Kirsten Bosch gardens, the famous Robben Island, wine country and Victoria and Alfred waterfront. If in the mood for more adventure, you could book a safari to the vast wildlife reserves that make south a haven for animal lovers.

From South Africa, cruise to South America. Arrive in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina and sample what this beautiful port of call has to offer. It features a warm sunny weather, perfect for exploring the European-style city, inhabited by some of the most beautiful people on earth. Join the energetic tangos that take center stage at street corners. On your way to Rio de Janeiro, make a stopover in Uruguay, at Montevideo port. Like Buenos Aries, Montevideo borrows some of its architectural design from European cities. Get a good tour guide to walk you on a fascinating city tour where you will see: Ciudad Viejas, the huge statue of Uruguay and Palacio salvo (once the tallest building in South America) to enjoy various artistic events, visit Teatro Solis.

Finally, you will arrive in Brazil, at the stunning port city of Rio de Janeiro. The first thing you would want to do is sample the famous Rio beaches, Copacabana and Ipanema. At Copacabana, make a historical visit of the ancient Copacabana palace hotel. Aside from the hypnotizing beautiful people, Rio Janeiro is awash with natural and architectural wonders. Tour Sugar Loaf Mountain and Corcovado. Make sure you get pictures of the statue of Christ the Redeemer to prove to your friends that you really were in Rio. Another Brazil town not to be missed is Porto Belo. It is located south of Rio and famous for its sparkling beaches and green water that makes it a scuba diver’s paradise. Its pleasant warm weather provides satisfying tour of the town’s flower gardens, cultural dancers, traders and of course, the colorful yard decorations.

From South America, you can cruise further up the Atlantic in to the Caribbean islands. Small, many but still the perfect destinations for tropical getaways, is what the Caribbean islands are. The tourist magnet factors include warm climate, whitewashed beaches, vibrant people, and scenic natural beauty. Further, up in the Atlantic Ocean, Alaska awaits. Considered one of the US states, this huge land boasts of unique scenery, exotic creatures, bays, and glaciers. Since it is so big, the best way to get a quick overview of Alaska is to sail around it in your cruise ship. However, doing so means you will miss the wonders that are within, such as the Denali National park which houses Mt. McKinley, Alaska’s highest mountain. Popular ports in Alaska include Sitka, which evolved from Russian heritage. It also contains a rehabilitation center for eagles.

From Sitka, board the White Pass and Yukon railway. The Yukon highway passes through the superb bridge over Tutshi River. You can also visit Valdez area to view the famous Trans-Alaskan pipeline. Juneau area provides a view of the mendenhall glacier and the state capital. Enjoy riding on Mt. Robert’s aerial tramway. Seward port in Alaska lets you access the Kenai Fjords national park and to witness the annual silver salmon derby, the biggest fishing event in Alaska. Ketchikan port has a great waterfront and the popular creek street. Since cars, trains, and boats cannot pass in some areas in Alaska, the best and most convenient mode of transport is by Float Plane. Before you retire from your Alaskan cruise, be sure to try the following memorable activities: fishing trips, dog sledding, sea kayaking, and mountain biking and heli-hiking. Heli-hiking is a unique hiking experience that involves the hikers being dropped from a helicopter to wild terrain. After hiking enough, they are then picked up by a helicopter. What a way to end your world cruise.