Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean cruises are the most popular among cruise lovers. The Caribbean is unrivaled in its crystal beaches, sparkling waters and sun soaked islands. Caribbean cruises are favored due to the year long sun filled weather. They lead to beautiful exotic islands which are rich and green. There are a number of beaches to choose from among these idyllic locations which always prove to be very popular.  These cruises are also popular among sun lovers. The beautiful sunny weather makes Caribbean cruises a destination of choice for many people.

When taking a Caribbean cruise, you can choose any of the three outbound locations for your cruise. The Western Caribbean leads to islands with tropical surroundings with sandy beaches, dense thick mangrove forests and ancient historic ruins. It has stops on exotic ports of call like Belize, Costa Maya, Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios. Here, you can view the ancient Mayan civilization in Belize. You can also visit beautiful Jamaica, home to the great Dunns River Falls.

For the Eastern Caribbean, the main focus is on the huge variety of clear blue waters, golden sandy beaches, and basically soak up true natural beauty. It has stops in ports of call like Samana, Tortola, St, Thomas, Nassau and Half Moon Cay.  You can visit Puerto Rico, or the volcanic island of St. Thomas which is the capital of the US Virgin Islands. The Southern Caribbean is home to many hidden and exotic islands. You can explore the rich cultures of these islands in places like Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Aruba and Antigua and St. Kitts.  You can also view a wide range of exciting scenery like volcanoes, rainforests and botanical gardens. Dominica and Grenada offer many secluded coves perfect for exploration activities.

Caribbean cruises offer a whole range in terms of activities you can do. You can chose to climb the Dunn’s river falls in Jamaica. You can also go horse riding along one of the many beaches that the cruise ships will dock on. For those who love ancient culture, there is the option of visiting ancient civilizations at the Mayan pyramids. You can also visit one of Caribbean’s hidden private destinations, Labadee where there is the amazing aqua park, which offers a huge variety of water sports and fun activities. There is also the experience of catching fish while deep sea fishing in the cool waters of the Mexican Riviera. There are a variety of rainforests located in the Caribbean too! A walking excursion into some of these forests uncovers secret unknown paths. It can also be an adventure to discover some of the natural features in the islands like waterfalls and caves.

On your cruise you will be able to see so many beautiful architectural structures and buildings like the churches in St. Georges, old forts and canons of the early centuries, all located on the stone covered streets which are a true reflection of the rich culture. The old St. Juan Area is home to the largest Spanish citadel .You can also choose to go parasailing high above the rich landscape and get a bird’s eye view of the beautiful islands. Diving and snorkeling activities are available at hundreds of feet below sea level. There is a research submarine available to make all this more worthwhile and enjoyable if that is something that interests you.

It is important to be well prepared for your Caribbean cruise. Most cruise ship is a casual place do a lot of casual wear is important. The clothes should also be comfortable basically resort wear and sporting clothes, the weather is often very warm so you’ll need some tops and shorts. You should also have an unlimited supply of swimming wear. Your kind of shoes should be flat and comfortable. There are many day excursions and in many of the places you dock having high heels really won’t be suitable. You should also have hiking boots for those mountainous hikes along the many ports of call. You are sure also to need a hat as the hot Caribbean sun can be a bit intense for first timers. This will also ensure that your time sunbathing at the deck is limitless and uninterrupted.  To make sure that you do not miss a moment of your idyllic Caribbean cruise, make sure that you are equipped with cameras, film and binoculars.