Australia and New Zealand Cruises

Anyone planning a cruise adventure might overlook Australia and New Zealand because of their remote locations from the rest of the world. On the contrary, these two English-speaking nations have more to offer than anyone could ever realize. Not only do they experience fair weather, but also the natural beauty is well, beautiful. Australia boasts clean, elaborate cities. Its inland is made up of what most refer to as the Outback. These are the expansive country lands filled with indigenous wildlife. Perhaps the main port of call in Australia is Sydney. It proudly sits among the world’s major tourist attractions for obvious reasons. The harbor itself is unique with a stunning glimpse of what awaits in mainland city. The Sydney opera house is by far the most popular tourist magnet in the thriving cosmopolitan. Its dramatic design depicts several white shark fins jumbled together. On its background is the Sydney harbor bridge, which also captivates visitors. The warm beaches serve for a relaxing getaway location. Adventure lovers will also like to explore protected caves and the spectacular Blue Mountains lined with deep valleys and waterfalls found in Australia

Docking in Australia’s Adelaide port city not only lets you into limestone coast, but also invites you to Australia’s restaurant hub. It is ranked as the Australian city with the most number of restaurants. Rundle mall is where to go for the complete restaurant experience. It is lined boulevards, Victorian and Edwardian architecture, peaceful parks and world-class shopping. Adelaide is also home to Cleland Conservation Park. Located on the slopes of Mt. Lofty, this park provides the ultimate Australian bush experience. Do not forget to sample Australian wine, which has gained international recognition for its unique flavor and class.

Situated conveniently on the banks of Brisbane River, close to the sea, is Brisbane city. It is the third largest metropolis in Australia, set in flamboyant nineteenth century style architecture. It is also Australia’s explosive cultural melting point. From Brisbane city, one can easily access the wildlife parks and the rain-forested Mt. Tambourine plateau. Of particular importance is the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary, home to the endangered koala bear and other unique animals. The best part about being in Brisbane is getting to visit the Gold Coast. 26 miles of golden beaches, classy hotels, shopping malls, casinos, luxurious real estate, and the top-class shopping malls gives the Gold Coast its golden status. For a secret gateway, go to O’Reilly’s guesthouse that is hidden from the rest of the world in the middle of a subtropical rainforest. Among the delightful inhabitants of this serene guesthouse are the parrots and crimson rosella. A guide at the home is at hand to walk you to Lamington national park, which is a world heritage site.

Australian cruises are not complete without a stopover in New Zealand. Akaroa tourist city, located on the edge of an ancient volcano offers the perfect off-board excursions. The historic city in the Canterbury region is lined with European-style cafes, restaurants, galleries, and boutiques. Akaroa’s rich blend of Maori, French, and British heritage gives it a distinct cultural identity. On the Bay cruise, off the coast of Akaroa provides a rare glimpse at the endangered Hector’s dolphin, yellow-eyed penguins, and the New Zealand fur seals. A word of caution however: cover your noses for although cute and cuddly, the New Zealand fur seals are quite smelly! Further into the mainland of Akaroa are bundles of activities: Trekking, horseback riding and four-wheel and mountain bike riding. These are guaranteed to keep you fit as you enjoy your holiday.

The tranquil Bay of Islands lies in New Zealand’s far north. Considered the center of Maori culture, the location offers broad skies, peaceful bays, and calm beaches. Aquatic and cultural activities are the most popular tourist past-times in the region. The highlight is the on-shore nightly cultural shore in Waitangi treaty house. For an insight of how the tourist town came to be, visit the Russell Museum. While in the streets, make a point of grabbing a souvenir from among the artifacts, gifts, and books on display. With more time to burn, you should attend the temporary exhibitions. To wind up your New Zealand cruise in style, make your way to Christchurch. Also known as Lyttelton, this historic town boasts of a fine natural harbor and crystal clear waters. Not far off is the Quail Island, which was once preserved for lepers. Presently it is a natural beauty sure to make your cruise holiday unforgettable.