Africa Cruises

A cruise to one of the most diverse continents on the earth is an opportunity not to be missed. A cruise through Africa takes people through the ancient wonders of Egypt to the natural magnificence of Kenya. Passengers aboard the ship will be able to soak in the splendor of Africa in a well-packaged trip that will leave them asking for more. The beauty of the continent stands out and each port of cal opens doors to more amazing experiences. The African region tends to be overlooked as a cruise destination but with increased awareness, more and more people are choosing to explore the region by sea. More cruise ships frequently arrive in the continent and the number of travelers has increased significantly.

This relatively new cruise market is gaining popularity owing to the favorable weather conditions that Africa is known for throughout the year. The continent offers diverse attractions for tourists ranging from wildlife reserves to beautiful beaches spread across the impressive coastline. All these sights wait to be seen and a cruise is definitely an adventurous way to enjoy them. Despite the vastness of the continent, the Africa cruise is typically short as it takes passengers through key ports in the area. The ideal season for taking an Africa season is from September to March. The duration of time ranges from twelve to twenty-four days and nights. Safari tours are highly popular in countries such as Kenya and Tanzania. For people who are interested in trying out the safari experience, there is a provision for spending time in these areas before or after the cruise.

An African cruise embarks from Europe through the Suez Canal that is commonly referred to as the gateway to Africa. From here, the cruise makes a number of stops at various ports along the Mediterranean, notably in the Northern region of Africa. Ports such as Alexandria in Egypt offer passengers the memorable opportunity to visit the ancient pyramids and sample the culture and mystery of Egypt. The cruise goes downstream to the majestic Indian Ocean before reaching the East African coast. Here ships stop at the Mombasa port and travelers are given a chance to spend some time in Kenya where they get to enjoy a safari experience. The peaceful Swahili culture welcomes visitors to the country for a treat that they will never forget. It is also interesting to learn more aspects about the culture and mingle with the local people. Dar es Salaam’s coastal town beckons soon after this and it presents a remarkable array of cultural delights. Once a simple village that focused on fishing, Dar es Salaam is currently a commercial hub of activity and tourism. The architecture found in this region is heavily influenced by the Sultanate that ruled in ancient times. Local people here are known for their friendly nature and eagerness to please. Another opportunity to experience the wonders of nature in the famous game reserves is presented. These reserves are not far from Dar es Salaam and they are worth a visit.

The Zanzibar port doubles up as an excursion and it is a beautiful sight to behold. History and Swahili culture are a prevalent part of the way of life in this area.

The beautiful beaches and ancient architecture make Zanzibar a remarkable place to visit. From Zanzibar, the next stop is the southern port of Durban. This is followed by Cape Town where the main site is the famous prison of former South African president Nelson Mandela.

There are also a number of amazing beaches and Cape Town is considered the most picturesque area in the region. Sailing through the Atlantic Ocean takes passengers to the Namibian bay of Wavis before proceeding to the Luanda capital city of Angola. This is followed by a cruise to Dakar, which is situated in Senegal.

The Canary Islands are a pleasure to see before cruising off to the cultural wonder of Morocco. Passengers get a chance to tour Casablanca and soak in the sun, sights, and sound that only Morocco has to offer. This is officially the last stop of the Africa cruise that is guaranteed to make travelers discover the hidden treasures of this diverse and naturally gifted continent. The rivers and lakes that are found in Africa give travelers a dose of adventure that they are unlikely to experience anywhere else. This is a worthwhile cruise ship destination and as time goes on, travelers will flock in large numbers for a chance to experience it for themselves.