P&O Cruises

The acronym P&O represents the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company that traces its foundation early to the 19th century.

Despite the sale of the Native British Shipping and Logistics company in the year two thousand and six (2006), it has retained the brand name P&O. The company was started in the year nineteen eight seven (1987), following the acquisition of Townsend Thoren, a ferrying company in Britain. Peninsular and Oriental name came because of the nature of operations carried out by the shipping company. The company though later was divided into three subsidiaries namely the P&O Portsmouth, the P&O North Sea and the P&O Stena.

The latter was collaboration between Stena, a Swedish ferry company, and the original P&O group. Despite the acquisition by various corporate entities, P&O has continued to invest and engage in the ferrying as well as the cruise industry. Various mergers have also propagated the company leading to not only growth but also more customers as well as income. This, incidentally, has also ensured the survival of this shipping company, especially with the advent of air travel.

P&O operates seven notable cruise ships. The very first is referred to as the Arcadia. The Arcadia takes up not only modern facilities but also the very state of art and stylish accommodation services. It features an elaborate display of artwork that has been collected from over three thousand sources in the United Kingdom. In addition, it offers unique views of the ocean, as witnessed through the construction of glass walled exterior walls that offer perfect views of the ocean and the horizon. The Arcadia is restricted to adults only hence offering a mature as well as unique indulgence that is relatively calm and quiet. It features a dining restaurant, two open decks, a luxurious spa, a three-tier theater room, a thermal suite, as well as a hydrotherapy pool for maximum relaxation. With multiple course menus on offer as well as great oriental music, Arcadia offers a breath taking cruise experience for the mature as well as elderly. The second cruiser is referred to as the Artemis. This is the smallest cruise ship in the P&O fleet. Due to the size, it offers a unique cruising style by scaling down all the aspects that are envisaged in a cruise ship to offer a one on one as well as intimate tough onboard. Due to her small size, the Artemis cannot only visit a number of ports but she also ensures that you are comfortable and in a space of your own.

The Aurora comes in as the third cruise ship. This cruiser integrates a classic British design with the latest technology in cruisers interiors. Life on board is characterized with a blend of a number of cultures. With water escalating down her atrium, the feeling created is not only calm but also comfy.

The aurora has a collection of bars as well as shops. The dining escape of the ship has been relaxed and formalized then incorporated with great evening entertainment. The Azura is the newest cruiser on the P&O Company. Borrowing from a tradition of luxury, she offers a one of a kind serene environment thanks to integration of glamour and innovation.

The workmanship and attention to detail is remarkable and the cruise has been made spontaneous in order to evoke reactions as well as surprise. It offers the ultimate opportunity for one to relax and get pampered in exclusive spas as well as massages. Master Chefs have been hired to do the cooking hence you stand to experience great meals that have been spiced up with foreign cuisines.

The Oriana fuses in a seamless fashion the authentic but modern method of shipbuilding. It features amazing decks as well as stunning interiors. It is deemed as the most romantic cruiser out there due to the mellow dining mood as well as variety of indulgences that one can spoil him/her self with. The Ventura on the other hand offers an exciting cruise integrating style and innovative additives. It is the largest cruiser in the P&O fleet and offers almost all sorts of fun to all age groups. It has been made the ultimate modern holiday due to its ability to fuse people of all ages together whilst still offering tailor made escapes to each and every age group. The Oceania is the seventh and the last member of the P&O fleet. It is lively and has a breath-taking atmosphere especially for first time cruisers. It offers variety and great flexibility in everything.