Ocean Village

Ocean Village Cruise Line was voted the best cruise line in 2006 by the Guardian and Observer travel awards which is 20 years old and one of the most prestigious and respected awards in the cruise lines industry. It was also voted the best mainstream cruise line as well as the best niche cruise line in 2005.

It is a good cruise line to choose to travel with and the atmosphere on board is one of pure relaxation where you can have your cruise just as you would like it to be. This goes a long way in making the cruise more pleasurable as opposed to having a rigid itinerary that does not allow the guest any breathing space. The main agenda of the ocean village cruise line is to let the guest enjoy all the different activities both on board and on the shore at their own time. In short, this particular cruise line is committed to customer satisfaction and a trip on it is a guaranteed recipe for absolute enjoyment. The destinations that this cruise passes through include the Caribbean, west, east as well as central Mediterranean. There are also transatlantic voyages available for the avid traveler.

Cruise that are available include summer and winter cruises, Caribbean cruise holidays as well as family cruise holidays. In the Caribbean as an example there are different activities that one can engage in. A popular port of call is the St Kitts. Here one can go a shore and under take a jeep adventure through the island. There is also golfing, scuba diving, snorkeling as well as quad biking. An aerial adventure is suitable for those that are aged 13 and over. It requires that one be physically fit and not have any problems with balance for one reason or the other. This adventure begins with a minibus ride up to the starting point of the canopy walk way. From here the adventure is done either on foot or on a zip line. As such one must be appropriately dresses in order to be comfortable while putting on the harness and as expected; hiking boots would be a definite plus. This tour takes 2 hours and is across a 1 mile area.

The Ocean Village cruise line has the original Ocean village and the Ocean village two. The original one has a crew of 514 in total. It has 11 passenger decks and 801 cabins and 5 lounges. There are also 8 bars, 4 Jacuzzis and a cinema all of which keep the passengers busy as they travel from one port of call to another. The health spa and the jogging track ensure that the fitness fanatic does not miss out on their daily work out routine while the medical center is able to cater for any medical issues that may arise.

The over night nursery is able to take care of any children on board. There is also a health spa where one can get pampered on board as well as a salon and barber to meet all the guests grooming needs.

This cruise line has 7000 square meters of open deck. Ocean Village Two on the other hand has two hot tubs and swimming pools and a casino. It also has a night nursery and 9 passenger lifts to make movement faster and easier. It also has 8 bars and 4 shops. The shops sell different items from across the globe at very reasonable prices and are the perfect place to get a souvenir of the cruise.

The four entertainment spots are able to keep party goers busy up to the wee hours of the morning. Though it is now a part of P & O in Australia it is still a magnificent ship worth a visit. This cruise line caters for the different clients adequately regardless of the duration of stay. The crew both in the hospitality and ship sections are drawn from different nationalities and ethnic back grounds and are highly trained in their areas of specialization. Bookings for any of the cruises can be easily done on line and the necessary information is available in the brochure. This is truly a world class cruise line that caters for a world class clientele.