MSC Cruises

MSC is a cruise line that is the brainchild of Italy. With its fleet able to carry at least 1,000 passengers, the all Italian crew and staff will ensure that your cruise is most memorable.

The first of these ships came to cruise the seas in the year 1982 and since then, the technology, capacity and overall vacation feel has been upgraded and worked on, with the latest, MSC Magnifica having been unveiled this year (2010). They do allow for an ‘under 17′s get in free’ policy that means you can take your whole family on these cruises and enjoy yourselves on deck upon decks of fun and adventure.

The MSC Melody was first commissioned in 1982. It embraced the simplicity that was a holiday cruise ship. It is the largest of the small fleet and weighs about 35,000 tons. It is built to cater for 1062 guests booked in double cabins. There are about 532 cabins on this ship with six lounges, two swimming pools, a discotheque, children’s play zones, shops, and service facilities like hairdressers and Laundromats. It caters for its disabled passengers by having over 300 of its guest rooms with a favorable view of the sea, meaning they will not miss out on the fun. In 2001 came the MSC Armonia, This ship comes with a racing track, a Virtual Reality center, more clubs and lounges and also allows the younger ones to enjoy basketball, mini-golf and other fun-filled activities. This goes to show that the Armonia is a much bigger ship that can accommodate 2,200 passengers and 700 crew. It also boasts an internet cafe, fitness center, and amenities that make you feel like home for the duration of your cruise.

MSC Sifonia was next in line in 2002 and re-done in 2005. It is about 624 feet long and caters for almost 2,100 guests. Its sister, the MSC Lirica followed suit in 2003 and carried a little less passengers, 2,069. Two thousand and four brought the birth of yet another ship, the MSC Opera. Each of these came with lounges, pools, entertainment centers for the kids and the adults, internet cafes to cater for contact with loved ones back on land, and you can do your shopping, get pampered, and get your laundry done on these cruise ships. From then, the cruise ships just got bigger. Enter 2007 and the MSC Orchestra came to be. With a capacity for over 3,000 passengers and 12 decks of fun and enjoyment on offer, it is hard to say no to this cruise liner. It even has a large screen that allows passengers to enjoy the latest and favorite films. Its 964 feet have enough room to hold live bands and performances along with all that its predecessors had to offer.

2008 saw the launch of two liners, the MSC Poesia and the MSC Fantasia. Poesia has a capacity of 3,013 guests while its twin has a capacity of a whopping 3,959 guests.

With over 236,000 feet of playing space, you will find a Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, 24-hour room service and wireless internet to hook your laptop or phone up and keep in touch with the rest of the world. The Fantasia cruise ship allows for those over the age of 21, as it is an adult playground. With bigger cabins and designed for more privacy, this cruise line will surely be the much-needed breather away from life’s hassles.

In 2009, there was the MSC Splendida, which is much like the Fantasia, which also comes with VIP treatment, and even a Yacht Club. 2010 was the year of the MSC Magnifica, one of the largest of these cruise lines. It however has a less capacity than the two before her, at 3.015 passengers, but it does offer space for entertainment, live shows, sushi bars, and an amazing retractable roof that ensures round-the-clock fun even in the dullest of weather conditions.

The MSC cruise line travels to all continents and stops in ports found everywhere. There are on-shore trips that allow passengers to shake off the sea air form their bones. Most cruises originating from the Caribbean will host a large majority of American passengers while those from Europe could be non-English speaking. The crew can speak French, Italian as well as communicate in English so you will not feel excluded during the cruise. The MSC fleet is built for comfort, convenience, style and a memorable cruise. You will not feel like disembarking at the end if it all.